Map of Maioria



(image copyrighted by A. Evermore)

The map of the world, Maioria, showing only the visible continents that have been explored and charted – referred to by the people of Maioria as The Known World. The people believe that the north is so cold it can only be a Kingdom of Ice, the south so hot it is a Kingdom of Fire, the east such a vast ocean that only an Ocean Kingdom exists. To the west there are myths and rumours of a huge continent, which they call The Uncharted Lands because no one has ever ‘charted’ them. No ship has ever made it past the Shadowlands, the underworld realm of Keteth where Forsaken wraiths tread.

The map was first hand drawn and then created in Campaign Cartographer 3 Black & White, and the place names and other finer details finished off in GIMP.

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