Apologies for the lack of blog post last week, I was so busy just trying to get Dark Moon Rising in the correct format for Kindle that I had no time to post. There is a steep learning curve with Scrivener and one that is worth it, though it delayed the publishing of Dark Moon Rising by a couple of weeks.

Suffice to say Dark Moon Rising will be available for purchase this week; definitely on Kindle, hopefully in paperback. Smashwords may take a little longer whilst I get the correct EPUB format in shape.

Interestingly, another Dark Moon Rising book by another author was released in January this year. There is definitely something in that notion of a morphogenetic field through which all thoughts and ideas are drawn from and shared (rather than, of course, calling it telepathic thievery).

There are already a few Dark Moon’s out there anyway, though not many in the fantasy genre. So I had often considered calling the book Blue Moon Rising, because it is in fact a blue that rises, but blue moons in this day and age have the wrong connotations. I had also considered calling it Indigo Moon Rising, because the moon is indigo blue, but to me it sounded more like a children’s book or something. Though Dark Moon Rising does sound more like a vampire / werewolf novel it was the only title that I felt gave the novel that heavy prophetic feel I was looking for – aka The Prophecies of Zanufey – so I decided to stick to the original title :).

The Fall of Celene is the second book in the series and I very much doubt there will be another called by that name. Well, I guess we shall see then and give that old morphogenetic field a good test :p.

I will waffle on no longer and get on with publishing the book. As soon as it is available I shall post here. Here is the eBook version of the front cover, I hope you like it :).


For Fantasy

A. Evermore

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